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Plantek's versatile delivery methods

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Training Workshops

We bring to our clients a longstanding experience in operational training for all organizational levels. Please click to visit our Training webpage or check out our

Gold Seal Accredited Courses

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Remote Support

We make the most of advanced internet technologies to minimize the need for travel and shortnen response time to just a few hours, no matter what time zone our clients are located. We offer to be our clients' flexible and dependable resourse for providing effective advisory support on an as-and-when-needed basis.

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Strategic Planning

Visions and vision statements are subject to updating and renewal. We help clients go through systematic and engaging processes to develop shared visios, and draw up actionable plans to realize the vision. When it makes sense, we also provide management support for effective monitoring and deployment of strategic plans, leading to building those visions.

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Problem Solving

Clients use us as a dependable resourse, available on demand, to help in solving challanging or cronic operational problems. Examples include, inventory accuracy, scheduling efficiency, line balancing, layout updating, projectizing production, quality issues, process realignment, workspace optimization and much more.

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Coaching Events

We belive that successful progress should carry on beyod our consulting engagements. Most of the work we do with our clients include an element of training, followed by coaching. Through coaching, we teach by doing and shadow our clients' staff in operationalizing the knowledge they acquired through our training workshops. This way, training investemnts would have sustainable yields.

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Expand your competitive capacity. Our high-impact training workshops will be tailored to suite your specific organizational needs. Click to learn more....